June 2014 Update From The Ministerial Search Committee

Update from the Ministerial Search Committee

By Mike Morgan

Roger Wiesmeyer was selected by the Board to join the Ministerial Search Committee (SC), replacing Kathy Morante, who resigned for family reasons. He has been incorporated into ongoing activities.

The SC made a presentation at the All-Church Retreat and received and answered a number of questions. [It is a misconception that the Committee is fanning out to hear a lot of different potential ministers. The committee will identify the top three pre-candidates from those who are interested in us. Insofar as possible, all seven members of the SC will hear each pre-candidate present a sermon in a neutral pulpit. The SC will then reach consensus on the best candidate for GNUUC.] The SC meets weekly on Sundays.

Current Activities:

  • Identifying and contacting congregations within 250 miles that might offer a neutral pulpit for one or more of our three pre-candidates. In January or February, SC members will attend a service at the host church to hear the candidate deliver a sermon.
  • Scheduling a workshop entitled Beyond Categorical Thinking to be presented to the SC and other church leaders in September or October. The workshop team will also provide the Sunday service. The intent is to help us get past the tendency to identify our ideal minister by categorical definitions: young, female, African-American, Buddhist, etc.
  • Developing a survey for the congregation to identify qualities they want in a new minister. The survey will help the SC quantify responses, so please complete it even if you have already provided input to the committee.
  • Soliciting individual input about the ministerial search. This will continue into November.
  • Beginning to plan our congregational packet, to be presented on-line. Fortunately, the SC is blessed with¬†members who are tech savvy.
  • Continuing to work on our history, a project initiated and facilitated by Rachel Lonberg. It is important to tell our own story honestly rather than have it told by others. Our history will be presented in our packet, or Congregational Record, as it is officially called.
  • Deciding how to manage payment of committee expenses in a way to preserve privacy of pre-candidates.


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