August Newsletter Ministerial Search Update

Update from the Ministerial Search Committee

By Mike Morgan

  • Important Update from the Ministerial Search Committee July 30, 2014. Please complete the questionnaire for individual congregation members and friends now available at Ministerial Survey. The survey may be completed online. For those who prefer, hard copies will be available in the sanctuary on August 3 and every Sunday thereafter until we have as many responses as we feel we are likely to get. Everyone who attends GNUUC and has an interest in our new minister should complete this survey—you do not have to be a member.


  • The date for the Beyond Categorical Thinking workshop is Sunday, September 21st. Co-facilitators Jo Ann Dale and Gil Guerrero, trained by the UUA Transitions office, will present the service on Sunday morning, sharing their personal perspectives on the experience of identity and how our understanding of identities impacts the ministerial search. After worship, we encourage everyone to attend the “Beyond Categorical Thinking” workshop as we learn about the way that our personal experiences and biases can hinder us from finding the best minister for our congregation. It is vitally important that as many members as possible attend this workshop—please mark September 21st on your calendar!


  • The Ministerial Search Committee website has been set up and currently includes biographies of MSC members. A history of our founding and additional information to tell ministerial candidates about us will be added as we move along. The website will be available to members of the congregation.


  • A separate bank account with funds budgeted to the MSC has been set up to help ensure the confidentiality of ministerial pre-candidates. Gene Bryant is the treasurer.


  • Kathy Morante, who resigned from the MSC during the illness of Bob Watkins, has consented to rejoin the committee at our unanimous request. She will again co-chair the committee with Jennie Gemignani.


  • We are beginning to plan the process of holding cottage meetings as part of collecting information to de- scribe our congregation to prospective ministers. All information will be assembled by the end of October.


  • The Ministerial Search Committee consists of Jennie Gemignani (co-chair), Kathy Morante (co-chair), Linda Berry, Gene Bryant, Mary Hinton, Mike Morgan, Caren Spencer-Smith, and Roger Wiesmeyer. We welcome your conversation with us about your wishes for a settled minister.

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