July Newsletter Ministerial Search Update

Update from the Ministerial Search Committee

By Mike Morgan

The Ministerial Search Committee (MSC) has made progress in the following areas:

  • We are preparing a Ministerial Search Survey for individual congregation members to complete during July and August. While the results may help us define what we are looking for in a minister, a more important purpose is to provide potential candidates with a profile of GNUUC as a congregation.
  • Cottage meetings are planned for October. We hope to have collected all information about the congregation by the end of October.
  • Sites and dates for neutral pulpits have been identified and tentatively scheduled. A neutral site is defined as a nearby UU church that will host a sermon by one of our ministerial pre-candidates.
  • Caren Spencer-Smith has established a preliminary Ministerial Search Committee website after a review of websites built by other UU congregations. We are still working on content. Eventually, the congregation and anyone else interested (including ministers in search of a pulpit) will be able to access the website to track our search process.
  • MSC members expect to complete and submit brief biographies to be included on the MSC website by July 5th. We continue to collect other information that may become part of our search packet. Already, Chris Gemignani has posted videos of The Ordination of Rachel Lonberg on Youtube (see your last weekly news update). Actually seeing an ordination in our building with our members is very powerful. We will be identifying other such sites to share in our information about ourselves.
  • Gene Bryant, treasurer for the MSC, is making final arrangements for establishing a separate bank account with funds budgeted to the MSC. A separate account will help ensure the confidentiality of ministerial pre-candidates.


  • Saturday, April 25, 2015 through Sunday, May 3rd has been set for Candidating Week when the MSC’s chosen candidate will be presented to the congregation. This person will present consecutive Sunday morning sermons, and in-between Sundays will get to know us and Nashville. The congregation will vote to call that person immediately after the second Sunday service.


  • Jennie Gemignani, our chairperson, has submitted our application to the UUA for a “Beyond Categorical Thinking” workshop to be facilitated by UUA personnel in September or October. We have identified three possible dates and await satisfaction of other details before the date can be announced.


  • The Ministerial Search Committee consists of Jennie Gemignani (chairperson), Linda Berry, Gene Bryant, Mary Hinton, Mike Morgan, Caren Spencer-Smith, and Roger Wiesmeyer. We welcome your conversation with us about your wishes for a settled minister. 

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