September 2014 Ministerial Search Update

Update from the Ministerial Search Committee

By Mike Morgan

  • Approximately forty congregation members and friends have completed the ministerial survey, which is still available on-line at Ministerial Survey. Hard copies are also available in the sanctuary. We are pleased with the response rate and will continue the survey until we have as many responses as we feel we are likely to get. Everyone who attends GNUUC and has an interest in our new minister should complete this survey—you do not have to be a member.


  • We began on August 24th holding community meetings to collect information to describe our congregation to prospective ministers and also to answer questions from the congregation. Please choose one of the dates below to attend, and meet at the front of the sanctuary. Meetings will last an hour at most.
    • Thursday, August 28, Brown Bag Lunch at noon
    • Sunday, August 31, 12:30 p.m.
    • Sunday, September 7, 12:30 p.m.
    • Sunday, September 14, 9:45 a.m. with Credo Group (Meets in library)


  • The MSC will meet with Jo Ann Dale and Gil Guerrero from the UUA Transitions office, co-facilitators of the Beyond Categorical Thinking workshop, for dinner on Saturday evening, September 20th. They will present the service on Sunday morning, and then after the service, the workshop entitled “Beyond Cate- gorical Thinking.” Because of the importance of this workshop to the process of selecting our next minister, it is important that as many friends and members as possible attend. Remember September 21.


  • The Ministerial Search website is up and running. The primary purpose of this site is to share GNUUC with prospective candidates and to keep the congregation informed of the Committee’s progress. Check it out at:


  • Reminder of dates: we expect to have completed our on-line Application for Minister and to have posted our Congregational Record by November 30th. We will be reviewing candidates between January and March, 2015 and expect to have selected the best candidate by April, 2015. Our new minister should arrive in August or September 2015. The committee is currently well-within the time frame suggested by the UUA, and we expect to proceed per plan.The Ministerial Search Committee consists of Jennie Gemignani and Kathy Morante (co-chairs), Linda Berry, Gene Bryant, Mary Hinton, Mike Morgan, Caren Spencer-Smith, and Roger Wiesmeyer. We welcome your conversation with us about your wishes for a settled minister.

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