October 2014 Ministerial Search Update

  • Fifty-four individuals completed the congregational survey, a number with which we are extremely pleased. We have closed out this portion of our process to get congregational input. We expect our members and friends will recognize themselves in the results depicted in bar charts on the Ministerial Search Web page. They are quite interesting. We plan to make the results available in hard copy for those who do not have internet access.  Remember, these results will be available to ministerial candidates to give them a picture of GNUUC.


  • All scheduled community meetings have likewise been conducted, and again the committee is extremely pleased with congregational participation. We took notes in every meeting and one of the tasks facing the committee is to distill those notes into relevant points that we will consider in selecting our new minister.


  • Over the next two weeks we will interview individuals identified by the committee as “key” persons because of their close professional contact. Again, the Search Committee will distill the results of these interviews into relevant points for our search. To be interviewed are: Fran Gebuhr, Lauren Rigsby, Dan Rosemergy, Rachel Lonberg, and from 1st UU Gail Seavey and Jason Shelton. These interviews will be the final segment of collecting information from and about GNUUC.


  • Jo Ann Dale and Gil Guerrero, facilitators from UUA, presented the service on September 21st and then conducted the Beyond Categorical Thinking Workshop from 1 to 4 p.m. Yet again, congregational participation exceeded our hopes—attendance was excellent for the service, and more than 30 individuals stayed for the workshop. The goal of the workshop is to set a congregation on the path of thinking outside the box, trying to urge folks in the direction of selecting the best candidate rather than selecting someone who fits a specific label. The facilitators also note that a search that ends up not selecting a candidate is still a successful search, and may be far better than settling for a candidate we are not enthusiastic about. The workshop is intended to be just the beginning of a process of continuous self-examination to identify biases, especially those so subtle we may not recognize them readily.


  • The GNUUC Ministerial Search website is up and running. Be forewarned that it is a work in progress, and materials already posted may be edited to improve their accuracy or appearance. We hope you will follow it. We are highly encouraged by the participation by our congregation in the search process. You have been better than we dared to hope. Many thanks from the MSC: Jennie Gemignani  and Kathy Morante (co-chairs), Linda Berry, Gene Bryant, Mary Hinton, Mike Morgan, and Caren Spencer-Smith.


  • What’s next? We will complete our on-line Application for Minister and post our Congregational Record by November 30th. We are well within the schedule suggested by the UUA. Our committee meets most Sundays after the service. We will strive to keep all of you actively involved.
Photo by Lisa V. Connor


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