December 2014 Update from the Ministerial Search Committee

The Ministerial Search Committee (MSC) has completed and posted the Congregational Record (CR) that was due at the UUA Transitions Office at the end of November. To explain, the Congregational Record is a set of 48 questions to which each congregation in search for a minister must respond. These questions cover operational items like our membership numbers, attendance, etc., as well as wish-list items like what qualities we most value in a minister. Questions are designed to give ministers in search an idea of what kind of congregation we are and how well they might fit in with us.

The information that we collected from you through surveys, community meetings, and one-on-one interactions is condensed into the answers that we provided. Our goal is and has been to present our congregation so that it is as attractive as possible to all potential candidates who would be happy here and with whom we would be happy. The CR is the document candidates will examine to get their first look at us. Because the questions are the same for every congregation in search, the CR provides a basis for comparison. Ordinarily, only ministerial candidates have access to our congregational record, but in the interest of transparency, the MSC is making our CR available to GNUUC members on the search website: Congregational Record.

We are also working on a congregational packet (“the packet”) that includes photos, recordings, quotes from our congregation, information about Bellevue and Nashville, and everything else we can think of that makes us look good. We have much greater latitude with this promotional material, and we encourage you to take a look at it: Congregational Packet.

Right now, ministerial candidates can view our CR and the packet to evaluate their interest in us. Candidates who “click the button” to say they are interested grant us permission to look at their ministerial records (the ministerial equivalent of our CR). This process happens relatively quickly, and the UUA Transitions Office will provide a list of eligible, interested candidates to us in early January.

MSC work continues in earnest in January as we review, evaluate, and telephone candidates; interview named references; and schedule pre-candidating weekends. Our work during this time is especially confidential to protect the privacy of ministerial candidates. We ask for your understanding. We will continue to provide updates on our process, though not on the details.

We continue to welcome feedback from you. The MSC consists of Jennie Gemignani and Kathy Morante (co-chairs), Linda Berry, Gene Bryant, Mary Hinton, Mike Morgan, and Caren Spencer-Smith. Thank you for your help and for your trust in us.

Photo by Lisa V. Connor


One thought on “December 2014 Update from the Ministerial Search Committee

  1. Looks really good in describing the congregation. So happy that you are all wonderful, loving and hard working members. We have complete faith in your judgement on our church’s behalf. Arleen and Jack Yeager….


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