January 2015 Update From The MSC

The countdown begins …

On Jan. 2, the UUA will send our search committee the names and applications of those interested in being our minister. Due to confidentiality, we will not be able share their names with you, but we will start work immediately to evaluate their ministerial records. Here are the other upcoming key milestones:

  • January – the MSC will identify the top candidates and conduct Skype interviews.
  • February and March – the MSC will engage and carefully evaluate a small number of pre-candidates.
  • First week of April – the MSC will invite one minister to be the candidate for minister.
  • Apr. 25-May 3 – Candidating week at GNUUC. The candidate visits us for the week, preaches at services on those two weekends and meets with members, lay leaders, and staff.
  • May 3, 12:15 p.m. – GNUUC members vote on whether to call the candidate as our new minister.
  • Late summer 2015 – If all goes well, our new minister starts at GNUUC.

We continue to cherish your support and to feel grateful for all of the comments and perspectives you are sharing with us. MSC members: Jennie Gemignani and Kathy Morante (co-chairs), Linda Berry, Gene Bryant, Mary Hinton, Mike Morgan, and Caren Spencer-Smith.



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