Mid-January 2015 Update

Ministerial Search: The Excitement Builds!

The Ministerial Search Committee (MSC) received a list of ministerial applicants interested in GNUUC on January 2nd. (Applicants who have not already done so may still express interest until we indicate we are not accepting additional applications.)

A few relevant facts:

  • 47 congregations are now in search.
  • 86 ministers have expressed interest in at least one congregation.
  • On average, each ministerial applicant applied for 7 openings.
  • GNUUC received 8 applications initially and an additional one on January 12th.

What has happened thus far:

  • The MSC has carefully reviewed the Ministerial Record (the formal application) of all candidates and their personalized packet of information (website) and discussed our impressions as a committee. We liked them all—there were no screen-outs.
  • We have conducted individual hour-long Skype interviews with our applicants. Nobody bombed. Everyone did well. Several shone. We feel that most of our applicants are truly interested in a position with us.  We are both pleased and excited at our opportunities.


What happens next:

  • By Monday, January 19th we will have selected three applicants to present a sermon at a neutral UU church to which the MSC will travel (this is called pre-candidating).
  • We will “go quiet” after this communication to protect the privacy of ministerial candidates. When you hear from us next, it will be to present the candidate selected by the committee.
  • Candidating week is April 25-May 3. Our top candidate will spend more than a week with us, meeting with YOU! – congregation members, leaders, and staff, touring the city, and presenting sermons on two Sundays. The visit culminates with a congregational vote on May 3.  Please try to keep some flexibility in your calendar during these dates!

We have received good feedback about the quality of our Congregational Record, our survey results, and our Search website (to see the Search Website, click on the link in the left column at the GNUUC.org website.)  If you have questions, ask one of us: Jennie Gemignani and Kathy Morante (co-chairs), Linda Berry, Gene Bryant, Mary Hinton, Mike Morgan, and Caren Spencer-Smith.

Thanks for your continuing interest and participation in this exciting process.


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