A distillation of the insights gained from the GNUUC Community Meetings:

GNUUC Community is:

Very important to members

A safe place

Where thinking differently makes us strong

Where we are kindred spirits

Where we are growing leadership

Where we try to include and understand our Christian and pagan members

The Congregation is:

Extremely well-educated

Not easily deceived

Where 70% of members are over age 50

Where many nontheists arrived from a Christian background

A New minister will:

Be a leader, working with the Board of Directors

Be open to our needs

Be a communicator and problem-solver

Understand and respect that diversity exists here

Develop a cordial relationship with the First UU minister

Words that push buttons:





Adult Religious Education program could:

Explore how to have diverse beliefs and not cause hurt feelings

Explore how to understand strong religious belief

Hold a Build Your Own Theology class

Resurrect the Wednesday night series

How to measure future success:

GNUUC is known in the community

New members are joining

Young members are joining

Current members are staying

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