Greater Nashville Unitarian-Universalist Congregation (GNUUC) was founded in July 1994 with 52 charter members in a separation from First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville (FUUN). The initial impetus for the separation came when unidentified members of FUUN made charges of inappropriate conduct against the minister, and those charges led to bitter divisions within the church and to the resignation of the minister.

A group who felt the minister had not been given a fair hearing began meeting at FUUN as “the Phoenix Group.” Seeking a peaceful separation from FUUN, 58 members of this group signed a letter to the Board of Directors of FUUN dated July 3, 1994, stating their intention to form a new UU church in Nashville and asking FUUN to serve as the Covenant Church.

In the last half of 1994, GNUUC was granted a charter by the UUA. In December 1994, after a vote by both congregations, FUUN became GNUUC’s covenanting church (our sponsor) and provided some financial support during each of our first three years as a congregation.

Please see the full text of the intention letter below:


July 3, 1994

The Board of Directors

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville

1808 Woodmont Blvd.

Nashville, TN 37215


The persons listed at the end of this letter wish you to know that they support the founding of a new Unitarian congregation in the Nashville area. We are convinced that this action is in the best interest of Unitarianism and liberal religion in middle Tennessee generally, and of the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashville in particular. We intend to seek recognition from the UUA, and we ask that First UU Church serve as our Covenant Church and that the board endorse this action as a positive and constructive endeavor.

We wish to stress that the formation of a new church is not solely a reaction to the strife that has permeated relationships between factions at First UU for the past year and a half. To the contrary, we see it as an idea, long entertained by some of us, whose time has come. The current situation may provide the added incentive for us to take actions that we have delayed taking for too many years. While it is not the only compelling factor in our decision, it is in agreement with the recommendations of the Alban Institute and Luther Kramer, who have gone on record as viewing the formation of a new church as one positive way to move forward.

Nashville is a rapidly growing and a rapidly changing cosmopolitan city, and it is time that there were more than one choice here for an individual or a family seeking a Unitarian church in this area. The membership of First UU has outgrown the physical plant, and we are sure that the church can more effectively get on with the job of reconstructing its activities under new leadership without, at the same time, needing to deal with the pressures imposed by overcrowding.

We ask for the good wishes and the cooperation of the present elected leadership of First UU as we embark on this bold and exciting challenge.


Kathleen Ayres Keith Lundin
Barbara Belfiglio Phiefer Brown
Boyd Brown Lois Brown
John Brown Loretta Brown
Gene Bryant Nancy Colowick
Clinton Confehr Susan Confehr
Laura Copeland Greta Crawford
Elizabeth DePriest Arthur Ebbets
Howard Forrest Kelly Forrest
Pam Hooper Susan Humelsine
Jerry Kimbrough Diane Kimbrough
David Macaione Sherry Male
Joan Marz Mike Morgan
Larry Romans Laurrie Bullock
Elvira Casal Tom Christenbery
David Frese Eva Close
Barbara Coe Maryda Colowick
Mary Hinton Kathleen Matthews
Suzanne Potter Carl Gebuhr
Fran Gebuhr Ninez Giles
Virginia Grantham Terry Griffith
Jessie Van Volkenburgh Gary Linn
Eric Schechter Lillian Duncavage
Kathryn Trupin Diana Page
Willis Perkins Nancy Perkins
Bob Sanders Pat Sanders
Gary Smithee Oscar Touster
Eva Touster Barbara Kurland
Joel Trupin</td



Cc Barbara Bedingfield

Roger Comstock

Unitarian Universalist Extension Department Luther Kramer

Joan Armstrong


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