The Beginning of The Search Process

A Message from the GNUUC Board

On Sunday, February 23, GNUUC held a congregational meeting. During the meeting, we unanimously approved changes to our Bylaws to reshape our Board, and to follow best practices for the Ministerial Search Committee process. Beginning in the new church year (July 1), our Board will be comprised of four officers (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary), and five At-Large members. Also during the meeting we cast ballots for the Ministerial Search Committee.

The Board has taken the ballots and is working to create a balanced Search Committee that will be announced shortly.

And, finally we unanimously approved ordaining Rachel Lonberg! We’ll begin working on an ordination ceremony, and will share details in the next newsletter.

Please note that the below table highlights our upcoming ministerial search important dates.

Day     Month     Year     Event

30 November 2014    Search Committee completes online Application for Minister Search

2  January 2015        Committee can request Ministerial Records

7 April 2015              Search Committee selects candidate and announces candidate within a week

April-May 2015        Candidate visits for intensive week Congregation extends call and minister accepts

Aug-Sept 2015        Minister arrives, begins service